Tea Tree Balancing Shampoo

Soothing cleanser for hair and scalp.

Achieves optimal balance of moisture and cleansing for hair and scalp. Ingredients like echinacea, a natural antiseptic and healer, combine with nettle to nourish and strengthen hair. Tea Tree Balancing Shampoo can also be used to treat mild cases of dry scalp or seborrheic dermatitis.

Tea Tree Firm Hold Styling Cream

Flexible definition with low shine.

Adds texture to hair with lasting hold and a low shine. Tea Tree and natural extracts work to lightly condition hair without weighing it down. This is an excellent product for use in longer hair.

Tea Tree Purifying Body Wash

Deep cleanser with energizing fragrance.

Packed with a blend of herbs and natural oils, Purifying Body Wash thoroughly cleans and restores skin's natural moisture balance. Antioxidant rich vitamins A, D & E along with Tea Tree Oil work to replenish optimal skin condition.

Tea Tree Calming Conditioner

Lightweight moisturizer for hair and scalp.

Tea tree oil, wheat gluten and soy protein team up to treat the scalp and condition hair without adding weight.

Tea Tree Light Hold Styling Cream

Flexible definition with low shine.

Adds subtle separation with a flexible hold. Light Hold Styling Cream is also an excellent starter product for those wanting a conditioning styler that is lighweight and easy to use. Great for light control and taming of hair.

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